LEARN IGBO: Common Verbs 1 (Imo and Anambra dialects) #4


English Igbo (Infinitive) Igbo (Root verb)
To Be Ịwụ Bụ
Ịbụ Wụ
To Be Idi  Di
To Take Iwe We
To Do Ime Me
To Say Isi Si
To Go Ije  Je
To Know Ima Ma
To See Ifụ Fụ
Ihụ Hụ
To Come Ibịa   Bịa
To Look Ine Ne
Ile Le
To Look For Ichọ Chọ
To Give Inye Nye
To Use Iji Ji
To Eat Iri Ri
Ili Li
To Work Irụ Rụ
Ilụ Lụ
To Leave Ihapụ Hapụ
Irapụ Rapụ
To Call Ikpọ Kpọ
To Tell Igwa Gwa



Verb Conjugation: TO HAVE – I WE
English IGBO
I am E we m
You are I we
He/She/It is Ọ we
We are Anyị we
They are Ha we
You (pl) are Ụnụ we


Verb Conjugation: TO BE – I BU
English Anambra Imo
To be I bụ I wụ
I am A bụ m A wụ m
You are I bụ I wụ
He/She/It is Ọ bụ Ọ wụ
We are Anyị bụ Anyị wụ
They are Ha bụ Ha wụ
You (pl) are Ụnụ bụ Ụnụ wụ

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