LEARN IGBO: NUMBERS 1 – 20 (with audio) #3

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Otu One
Abụọ Two
Atọ Three
Anọ Four
Ise Five
Isii Six
Asaa Seven
Asatọ Eight
Itoolu Nine
Iri Ten


IGBO NUMBERS: 11  – 23

Iri na otu Eleven
Iri na abụọ Twelve
Iri na atọ Thirteen
Iri na anọ Fourteen
Iri na ise Fifteen
Iri na Isii Sixteen
Iri na asaa Seventeen
Iri na asatọ Eighteen
Iri na itoolu Nineteen
Iri abụọ Twenty
Iri abụọ na otu Twenty-one
Iri abụọ na abụọ Twenty-two
Iri abụọ na atọ Twenty-three


Above are aids for those who wish to practice and learn basic Igbo.

The best way to learn is to;

  1. Listen to the audio
  2. Listen to the audio again whilst following the Igbo text
  3. Once you think you’ve grasped the script,  read the Igbo text aloud
  4. Interpret the text with the translation and keywords

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