On the 25th of August we will be hosting #OKWUFEST. The event encompasses Igbo culture and will feature a panel and audience discussion. It will also include, games, challenges, entertainment, refreshments, and an opportunity to connect and have fun with other young Igbo people.

Age: 16 – 30

Ticket price:

  • Early £10
  • Standard £12

PURCHASE HERE: Eventbrite - OkwuID - Young Igbo Forum

LEARN IGBO – Basic commands – #7


Expressing basic commands in Igbo




Nyé m ākā gi.

Give me your hand

Gwà m áhà (/áfà) gí.

Gwa m afa

Tell me your name

Gbá yā nkịtị.

Pay him/her no attention (Ignore him/her)

Kwé m n’ākā.

Shake my hand

Sí ébé à.

Go/come this way.

Hụ (/F) nà íhé(/ife) níīlē gàrà nkè ọmá.

See to it that everything goes well


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