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What Is Traditional Igbo Wedding Attire?

There’s a lot of debate surrounding what is and isn’t authentic Igbo wedding attire. As highlighted in our previous post, Igbo wedding outfits vary greatly and often depend on regional practices and, of course, personal tastes. 

We’re aware that some people express interest in wearing Igbo attire but are not sure where to look. In this post, we’ve collated some of our favourite traditional Igbo wedding looks, hopefully some of these can inspire people when choosing what to wear for their Igba Nkwu. 

(This page will be updated with references and more images).

Isi Agu:

George/Akwete /Ankara

Regional: Arochukwu

Regional: Anioma (Akwa Ocha)

White Coral

Ichafu (Head Scarf)

Misc (Uli/Sequence etc)

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