40 Igbo Names Without Chi/Chukwu in Them

It’s well known that there are many beautiful Igbo names containing the words “Chi/Chukwu”. In this post we shed some light on 40 Igbo names which don’t contain these words.

Please feel free to comment if you know any more!

Adanne/adannaFirst daughter of mom/dad
Adaugo Daughter of pride
AdaureElegant daughter (ure- shakara)
AkudoPeaceful wealth
Akunna/AkunneFather/mother’s wealth
Amaechi/Onyemaechi Who knows tomorrow? Tomorrow is a mystery
Añuli Joy
IfeyinwaThere’s nothing like a child
Ifeoma/IheomaGood thing
Ihuoma/IhiomaGood future
IjeomaGood/safe journey
IkennaFather’s strength
NdubuezeLife is king
NdubuisiLife is paramount
NdudimI have life
NduomaGood life
Nkasi/ NkasiobiComfort
NkirukaThe future is great
NnamdiMy father is alive
NwabuezeChild is king
NwadiutoA sweet/beautiful child
NwakaegoChild more valuable than money
NwandoChild of comfort (usually born after a series of uncomfortable/unfortunate circumstances and the child brings comfort… even something as simple as searching for a specific gender)
NwanneMother’s child (even though it means sibling in other contexts)
ObinnaHeart of the father
ObiomaGood heart/ kindness
Ogbonna/OgbonnaFather’s /mother’s lookalike (doesn’t have to be physics features)
OgonnaFather’s goodwill/gift/favor
OkezieHe/she has created
OkezikaHe/she has created well
Ositadinma/OsitadimmaFrom today, it will be good
UchennaFather’s wish/thought/mind
UdokaPeace is great
Ugonma/UgommaBeauty, but someone take a more literal translation; beautiful eagle
UtonwaSweet child

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