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  • 40 Igbo Names Without Chi/Chukwu in Them

    40 Igbo Names Without Chi/Chukwu in Them

    It’s well known that there are many beautiful Igbo names containing the words “Chi/Chukwu”. In this post we shed some light on 40 Igbo names which don’t contain these words. Please feel free to comment if you know any more! Name Meaning Adanne/adanna First daughter of mom/dad Adaugo  Daughter of pride Adaure Elegant daughter (ure-…

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  • Unique and Uncommon Igbo Names

    Unique and Uncommon Igbo Names

     A THREAD OF UNCOMMON IGBO NAMES. (That you may or may not have heard of.) Iwuka – “Rules take precedence”  Obiajunwa – “A loving heart can’t reject a child.”  Dimgba – A wrestling champion/ winner. Ofoegbu – “Personal belief doesn’t kill”  Adaku – “wealthy daughter”  Utara – “satisfaction”  Nwakaego – “Child is greater than money” …

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  • Free Igbo Learning Material For Kids

    IGBO PRINTABLES: To be updated. Check out our Illustrated guide to Igbo culture here PARTS OF THE BODY

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    GỊNỊ BỤ AHA GỊ?  Updated: 06/10/2023 “When a person is given a name, his gods accept.” – Igbo proverb Traditions like the naming ceremony demonstrate the importance of names within Igbo society. In Igbo, the ceremony is referred to as “Igu Afa”. In contemporary Igbo culture, it is customary to perform a naming ceremony for…

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