Igbo Wedding Attire


Igbo Wedding Attire: The Bride + Groom

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Other words used:

  • Ola onu – necklace. “Ola” typically represents Jewellery in Igbo language.
  • We call the necklace/beadsesuru.
  • For necklace, we say ọla olu
  • So Ola aka – wrist band or wrist jewel.
  • Ola Ukwueze (anklet) na ola aka (bracelet)
  • And in northern Igbo bracelet is called Mgba n’aka.
  • Also mgbaji ukwu we call Jigida, Jigida – is a Hausa loanword.
  • So earings are also referred to as ‘iyori nti’ in some parts on Anambra state. Although my mother doesn’t put “nti” in the phrase. It’s just “iyeri
  • I agree to this and Akwa Ocha as well…that’s for the typical IBO (wedding cloth).


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