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Alusi are all manifestations of Chukwu (the supreme god), which is also responsible for assigning them their different tasks.
The deities act as forces for blessings or destruction, depending on the circumstances, they enforce punishments on “wrongdoers”.
Alusi may be represented as wooden figures and placed in shrines where they are incorporated into weekly and annual rituals.

They are assisted by diviners and priests whose jobs it is to interpret the wishes of the alusi and to perform rituals unto them.
There are different types of alusi and they all have different functions. Some of the major ones includes:

Ala (The Earth goddess)
Anyanwu (The Sun goddess)
Amadioha (The god of Thunder)
Ekwensu (The trickster god)
Ogbanabali (The god of death)

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ALA by Okwu ID

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Lagos Comic Con – 7th Edition


Last week marked the 7th edition of Lagos Comic Con. The event featured both African and international comics, games, animations films, and books. (As well as countless Black Panther Cosplays).

indexFor many of us in the diaspora, this may be the first time hearing of a Nigerian based Comic convention. Events like the Lagos Comic Con gives African creatives an opportunity to showcase their talent and work. It also serves to inspire and connect like-minded people.

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Cast: Oluchi in No Poetry (Short Film)

Oluchi (who starred in Nwanyi Oma) Features in the short film No Poetry. An Allegory. Jermaine Wong’s inspired Spoken Word Short Film tells the story of an unfaithful Bride and a heartbroken Groom as they come to grips with their sad situation. Compelling and deeply poetic No Poetry uses these turbulent characters to personify the relationship between Christ and the Church.



Cast: Chizi (Agbogho Chizitalu) x AFROPUNK


By Aliyah Blackmore*, AFROPUNK Contributor

Chiizii is a visual artist and textile designer born and currently based in London, raised in New York with an eastern Nigerian Igbo background; her work is a reflection of her varied surroundings and experiences, a powerful relationship with color and pattern, traditional and modern technique, with a special emphasis on culture –her own culture as well as the many that she has a connection with.
Art is a means through which she expresses social commentary, thoughts, and creates a space to learn about herself and others, as explored in her graduate collection “Agbogho Chizitalu;” the vibrant and layered collection is an ode to heritage, particularly masquerades of Igbo culture, unraveled through a series of textile garments, artwork, jewelry and a soundtrack.
Get in to her work and hear more about her graduate collection, “Agbogho Chizitalu” in our interview below!

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