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  • What is Uli/Uri Art?

    What is Uli/Uri Art?

    Uri (uli) motifs drawn by Igbo women from Arochukwu with the juice of the uri tree on paper (usually drawn on the body). 1932. Pitt Rivers Museum. Uli or Uri, a traditional lgbo art form, is a dyeing technique used to adorn the body, murals, and motifs with intricate patterns. This unique art form has…

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  • Igbo Wedding Attire

    Igbo Wedding Attire: The Bride + Groom Other words used: Jewellery: ọla -“ọla” typically represents jewellery in the Igbo language Necklace: ọla onu/ọla olu – necklace Beads: erulu/ehuru/esuru (coral beads/red beads) Bracelet: ọla aka – wrist band or wrist jewel, mgba n’aka (northern Igboland) Anklet: ọla ukwueze  Waist beads: mgbaji ukwu some people refer to…

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  • Cast: Oluchi in No Poetry (Short Film)

    Cast: Oluchi in No Poetry (Short Film)

    Oluchi (who starred in Nwanyi Oma) Features in the short film No Poetry. An Allegory. Jermaine Wong’s inspired Spoken Word Short Film tells the story of an unfaithful Bride and a heartbroken Groom as they come to grips with their sad situation. Compelling and deeply poetic No Poetry uses these turbulent characters to personify the…

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  • Cast: Chizi (Agbogho Chizitalu) x AFROPUNK

    Cast: Chizi (Agbogho Chizitalu) x AFROPUNK

    By Aliyah Blackmore*, AFROPUNK Contributor Chiizii is a visual artist and textile designer born and currently based in London, raised in New York with an eastern Nigerian Igbo background; her work is a reflection of her varied surroundings and experiences, a powerful relationship with color and pattern, traditional and modern technique, with a special emphasis…

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