Igbo Wedding Attire

  Igbo Wedding Attire: The Bride + Groom Dalu ndi Instagram! Thanks to the people on Instagram! Other words used: Ola onu – necklace. “Ola” typically represents Jewellery in Igbo language. We call the necklace/beads ‘esuru.

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WHAT ARE “THE ALUSI”? Alusi are all manifestations of Chukwu (the supreme god), which is also responsible for assigning them their different tasks. The deities act as forces for blessings or destruction, depending on the circumstances, they enforce punishments on “wrongdoers”. Alusi may be represented as wooden figures and placed in shrines where they are […]


Lagos Comic Con – 7th Edition

LAGOS COMIC CON 2018 Last week marked the 7th edition of Lagos Comic Con. The event featured both African and international comics, games, animations films, and books. (As well as countless Black Panther Cosplays). For many of us in the diaspora, this may be the first time hearing of a Nigerian based Comic convention. Events […]

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