Where to buy Nigerian cultural attire online (USA & UK)

This page has been created to assist those who are looking for where to buy Nigerian (specifically Igbo) cultural attire for weddings and celebrations online.


ItemUnited KingdomUnited States
Igbo red cap (okpu ozo)AmazonAmazon
Igbo stripped hat (okpu agu)AmazonAmazon
Yoruba hatsEbayAmazon
Gele/Ichefu (women’s hair tie)EtsyEtsy


ItemUnited KingdomUnited States
Coral bead necklaceAmazonAmazon


ItemUnited KingdomUnited States
Horsetail (nza)EbayEtsy
Igbo animal skin fan (akupe)EbayEtsy
Igbo bridal feathered fan EtsyEbay


NameUnited KingdomUnited States
Online StoreRose African Fabric(Suggest)

If you have or know an online store that sells Nigerian cultural attire and would like to be featured on this page, contact us today.


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