Learn Igbo Basics Online: Audio Transcripts #1 (Introduction)

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Below are aids for those who wish to practice and learn basic Igbo.

The best way to learn is to;

  1. Listen to the audio
  2. Listen to the audio again whilst following the Igbo text
  3. Once you think you’ve grasped the script,  read the Igbo text aloud
  4. Interpret the text with the translation and key words

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Ndi banyi, ndeewo nu. Aha m bu Chisom.

A bu m onye Owerri na Imo steeti, mana ebi m na London.

A di m afo iri abuo.

Anọ m na Mahadum, a na m a gụọ asụsu Igbo.

A na m a ru oru ebe ha na ire ahịa

A na m a gụọ egwu/ A na m eme ihe egwuregwu

Ana m anụ mana asụkwa asụsu Igbo obere.

Hello everyone, my name is Chisom.

I am from Owerri, in Imo state, but I live in London.

I am twenty years old, I’m at university studying the Igbo language.

I work in a shop (direct: I work where they sell market)

I’m a singer/I’m an athlete

I can understand and speak a little Igbo.

Onye Person/who
Mana But
Ebi m na… I live in…
A di m afo …. I am … years old
Anọ m I am (location)
Mahadum University
Gụọ asụsu Igbo To study Igbo
Oru Work
Ebe Where/place
Ire Sell
Ahịa Market
Gụọ egwu Study/play music
Ihe Thing
Eme Do/make
Asụsu Language
Obere Small


Ano m nihe gbasara egwuruegwu di iche iche (ndi beke nakpo sports) dika igwu mmiri, igba oso na egwuruegwu ukwu.

I’m into different activities (English people call sports) like swimming, running and football.

Na In
Gbasara About/Concerning
Egwuruegwu Activities
Di iche iche Different
Ndi Beke Foreigners/British
Nakpo Call(ed)
Dika Like/Similar to
Igwu Mmiri Swimming
Igba Oso Running
Egwuruegwu Ukwu Football

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  2. I love the audio on your website! Great work!

    Is there some way these can be downloaded so that i could listen offline on my phone/mp3 player?

    When will the next audio for numbers be released?

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