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  • OkwuFest Summer ’22 Gallery

    OkwuFest Summer ’22 Gallery

    Our summer event, OkwuFest, gave young Igbos and anybody else interested a taste of Igbo culture and a chance to socialise and have fun.

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    LAWRENCE (@ARTSADVOCATEUK) Lawrence (@artsadvocateUK) is a London-based artist whose manga-influenced comic art style is sure to captivate viewers at first glance. His unique digital art has a way of inferring motion, giving the perception of movement in static images. Whether he uses colour or not, Lawrence finds a way to present expression through his art.…

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  • Black Owned Business’ Directories – UK

    Even within a global pandemic, we’ve learned that injustice can’t be quarantined. Outcries of outrage from people across the globe regarding police brutality against those of black African descent in the US are being heard. Yet again we find ourselves at the same junction…, protesting for basic human treatment. The senseless murder of George Floyd…

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  • Anna Marie Uzokwe wins Miss Teen Nigeria UK!

    The first Mr and Ms Teen Nigeria UK were crowned this October (2019)  View this post on Instagram Unu agbalia-la oooo! Nigeria kwenu! 🇳🇬 We're so insanely proud of @mariaahlewis for hosting an unforgettable event last night! Mr and Ms teen Nigeria were crowned ! . And a big CHO CHO CHO #IGBOKWENU to the…

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  • Where to Learn Igbo, Twi, Yoruba and Swahili In London

    To be updated WHERE TO LEARN AFRICAN LANGUAGES IN LONDON It’s often said that “Language is the road map of a culture”. When you learn a language, you learn the essence of a people. Tonal languages in particular (which many African languages are) require you to have a nuanced and astute approach to receiving and…

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