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Even within a global pandemic, we’ve learned that injustice can’t be quarantined. Outcries of outrage from people across the globe regarding police brutality against those of black African descent in the US are being heard.
Yet again we find ourselves at the same junction…, protesting for basic human treatment. The senseless murder of George Floyd was painful to watch, raising questions, once again, about police brutality and an unfair American criminal justice system.  The killing of Floyd has has sent ripples across the world, emboldening others to speak out about the racism which is felt in their own countries.

Amidst the grief, pain, chaos, prayers and debates… we hear so many people ask, ‘when will this change?’ ‘Will everyone forget again?’ and ‘How can we make a lasting change?’

In response to these questions Rapper and Author Akala mentioned:

When African and Caribbean nations are economically prosperous and politically and militarily capable of defending themselves (and thus their descendants) and not a single second sooner, unfortunately that’s just the way the world works.

Why people of African descent continue being the subjects of humiliation and cruelty is largely a result of a lack of global power and influence.

Economic success plays a fundamental role in establishing a community with the power to defend itself against subjugation. Within the diaspora, we of  African and African-Caribbean descent have the ability to establish flourishing communities in our second homes, the most practical and effective way to do this is by spending money amongst ourselves.

Spending money within your communities helps:

  • Fund people livelihoods and business ventures
  • Encourage more people to start a business which boosts the local economy
  • Helps establish services and products which caters to the community
  • Gives people more autonomy and freedom
  • Gives us more control, e.g. my hairstyles stops being such an issue at work
  • Helps support our countries of origin (eg. Ghanaian Shae butter)
    1. Shae butter made and created in Ghana by Kofi ->
    2. Sold to UK retailer Mr Kwesi->
    3. Sells to buyer Tiyanna who has a hair shop ->
    4. Used on Esther’s Hair

And ultimately it helps keep money within our communities

With all that said, below we’ve compiled a list of directories where you can search for Black-owned businesses in the UK.


Threads and lists:

Collated list:

– recently bought some hair bits from here. Owned by E. Nwokoye

Special thanks to Ezim and ICSN

If you know any other directories, threads, lists or individual black businesses please contact us/comment below.

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