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  • Igbo Practice Example

    Igbo Practice Example

    Here’s an example of ways to practice your Igbo. Use this page to practice listening and pronouncing Igbo words. Listen to the video below, see if you recognise any words. Excerpt from the movie Akaeze: Try to read the text aloud, the audio clips are there to help you with the pronunciation. Igbo O nwere…

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  • LEARN IGBO: Simple sentences and verb conjugation #9

    We will be updating this page soon! FORMING SIMPLE SENTENCES IN IGBO Similar to English, Igbo present tense word order is typically: SVO – SUBJECT (I/He/They…etc) VERB (to go/to be/…etc) OBJECT (happiness(adjective)/park…etc) So if I wanted to say I am a nice person. I would say: A(I) bu m(am) ezigbo(a good) mmadu(person). Below are some…

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