Black Americans that Supported Biafra During the War

Continuing on from our blog “5 interesting facts about the Biafra-Nigeria war”, in blog we take a look at four distinguished African American icons who supported the Biafran cause and what they said about it.

Mohammed Ali


“I have nothing against the Nigerian people. But I am in total support of the Biafrans. Biafra wants to be free from what they believe is religious persecution and killing. I think they should be allowed to be free”.

Nina Simone


“I was performing at the Village Gate for a benefit for Biafra…I was doing my best to support them because they were black and they were my brothers and sisters. And they were fighting for their freedom against the same kind of oppression we were fighting against in America.”

Sophie Bassouls

Angela Davis


“The Biafrans have been fighting against an imperialist power that is backed by the United States government. The people of the United States must unite with the people of Biafra and all oppressed people around the world to fight against imperialism and colonialism.”

Huey Newton


“The people of Biafra are fighting for the right to determine their own future, to be free of exploitation and oppression. Their struggle is our struggle, for we are fighting against the same enemies of human freedom and dignity.”


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