Igbo Food Map

In this infographic we take a look at two well known foods by Igboid people from different states.

(Please note, these are only a select number of dishes, there are many many more in Igboland).

1) Ofe Onugbu

Origin: Anambra State

Also known as Bitter leaf soup, it’s a tasty healthy soup and one of the most traditional soups in Nigeria. 

2) Ofe Akwu

Origin: Anambra/Delta State

Well known to both Anambra and Delta State, it’s the Igbo version of the well known “Banga soup” which uses palm fruit oil extract as a main ingredient.

3) Okpa

Origin: Enugu

Okpa is a boiled bean ‘cake’ made from the Bambara groundnut referred to as ‘Okpa’ in Igbo.

4) Abacha

Origin: Enugu (Variations Nsisa/iwu – Abia State)

Abacha is made from grated cassava and is often combined with ugba to make what’s popularly known as ‘African Salad’.

5) Osikapa Abakaliki

Origin: Abakaliki – Ebonyi State

Abakaliki rice is the name given for the variety of rich rice grown in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Abakaliki is the capital of Ebonyi and is well known for rice cultivation.

6) Ofe Egburegbu

Origin: Ebonyi State

Egburegbu soup is a tasty dish popular amongst the ‘Edda’ in Ebonyi State. The soup uses ugh leaves as a main ingredient.

7) Ofe Nsala

Origin: Delta/Anambra State

Ofe Nsala is a light soup typically made with catfish and thickened with yam.

8) Ofe Ujuju

Origin: Delta State

Ofe ujuju is native to all parts of Aniomaland (Igbo speaking parts of Delta State, Nigeria). The rich in vitamins ujuju leaves are a main ingredient typically found in the Anioma region.

Find out how to make it here: https://www.nigeriagalleria.com/Health_Lifestyle/Recipe/Soups/Ofe-Ujuju_Soup.html

9) Ugba Na Okporoko

Origin: Unknown although very popular in Imo and Abia State

Ugba is made with fermented oil bean seed that is grated and cooked. It’s often combined with Abacha to make African Salad. In southern areas of Igboland, it’s combined with okporoko (stockfish – dried unsalted cod) and used to serve guests.

10) Ofe Owerri

Origin: Owerri – Imo State

Okazi leaves are a main ingredient, it’s often described as a richer version of Okazi soup which is popular in Abia State.

11) Ofe Ugbogoro/Ugboghoro

Origin: Abia State

Ofe ugbogoro, also referred to as melon leaf soup is a fresh leafy soup widely eaten in Abia State.

Find out how to make it here

12) Ofe Achara

Origin: Umuahia – Abia State

13) Mini Wiri

Origin: Rivers State (Ikwerre)

The soup is also known as Fishermans soup has several variations. It’s commonly packed with different seafoods like prawns, fish and periwinkle.

14) Otto

Origin: Rivers State (Ikwerre)

Similar to Okpa and Mai-mai, Otto is a tasty type of boiled savoury cake made with yam, palm oil and onions.

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