LEARN IGBO: Family members (+simple sentences)#11



Mụ (mụa) Me
Nne Mother
Nna Father
Nwa nwoke Son
Nwa nwaànyị Daughter
Nwanne nwoke Brother
Nwanne nwaànyị Sister
Dị Husband
Nwunye Wife

Nnanna Grandfather
Nnenne Grandmother
Nwanne nne/ nwanne nna Uncle/Aunt (lit. my mother/father’s sibling)
Nwa nwanne nne/nna Cousin
Nwa nwanne Niece/Nephew
Ọgọ  Inlaw
Nne di/nne nwunye Mother inlaw


Nne m My mother
Nne gị Your mother
Nne anyị Our Mother
Nne ya His/her/it’s mother
Nne ụnụ Your (pl) mother
Nne ha Their mother


Nne m ga-abịa My mother will come
Nne gị ga-abịa Your mother will come

Ị nwere ụmụnne Do you have siblings
Ọ nwere ụmụaka Does he/she have children

Ee, enwere ụmụnne. Enwere m otu nwanne nwaanyị,

na nwanne nwoke abụọ.

Yes, I have siblings.

I have one sister,

and one brother.

Mba, ọ nweghị ụmụaka, mana ọ lụrụ di. No, she doesn’t have children, but she is married.


mana – but

lụrụ  – to marry

ụmụaka – children

ụmụnne – siblings

Mba – no

Ee – Yes

E nwere/ O nwere – I have / She/He/It has

ga-abịa – will come (For simple verbs visit: LEARN IGBO: Simple sentences and verb conjugation #9   and LEARN IGBO: Common Verbs 1 (Imo and Anambra dialects) #4)

Otu – one (For numbers visit: LEARN IGBO: NUMBERS 1 – 20 (with audio) #3)

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