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  • A full list of Nsibidi and Akagu Resources

    A full list of Nsibidi and Akagu Resources

    Nsibidi is an ancient writing system that has been in use for centuries in Southeastern Nigeria by the indigenous peoples, such as the Ejagham, Ibibio-Efik, and Igbo. Its origins can be traced back to around 400 AD, although some believe it’s even older. Nsibidi symbols were traditionally used for various purposes, including communication, religious practices,…

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  • Can you write in Igbo?

    Is Igbo a written language? Yes, Igbo is a modern language with rules, grammar and a written form like most other languages. Igbo is a tonal language like Chinese, Vietnamese and many African languages.  The language has three tones, high, mid and low, and it uses the Latin alphabet with 36 letters. Nine of those…

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