A full list of Nsibidi and Akagu Resources

Nsibidi is an ancient writing system that has been in use for centuries in Southeastern Nigeria by the indigenous peoples, such as the Ejagham, Ibibio-Efik, and Igbo. Its origins can be traced back to around 400 AD, although some believe it’s even older.

Nsibidi symbols were traditionally used for various purposes, including communication, religious practices, recording historical information, and conveying messages with hidden meanings.

Nsibidi is an ideographic script, which means it represents meanings using characters rather than having an alphabet where letters represent phonetic sounds. In this aspect it is similar to writing systems like Chinese.

On this page we have hosted resources for those looking to learn Nsibidi.

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1) Nsibidi Dictionary 2012

2) Nsibidi Radicals (Full character definitions)

3) Neo Nsibidi Evolution 2014

4) West African writing systems (history, development and evolution)

5) Nsibidi Typology and Demonstration

6) Original Nsibidi Source

Nsibidi Workbooks For Practice and Learning

6) Cheatsheet

7) Nsibidi Calligraphy Workbook 1 and 2

9) Nsibidi Vocabulary Workbook

AKAGU Documents

Akagu is the phonetic version of Nsibidi characters developed in 2010

10) Akagu Dictionary

11) Learn Akagu 1 and 2

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