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LEARN IGBO – Basic commands – #7


Expressing basic commands in Igbo



Nyé m ākā gi. Give me your hand
Gwà m áhà (/áfà) gí. Tell me your name
Gbá yā nkịtị. Pay him/her no attention (Ignore him/her)
Kwé m n’ākā. Shake my hand
Sí ébé à. Go/come this way.
Hụ (/F) nà íhé(/ife) níīlē (/níīnē) gàrà nkè ọmá. See to it that everything goes well

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Meaning of African (Igbo) Symbols in Kendrick Lamar’s – All The Stars

06/02/2018 – Kendrick Lamar releases the video to his latest single “All the stars” and it’s riddled with Igbo symbols.

Most Igbo people will instantly be able to recognise the very familiar Igbo red cap (fez). The “red cap” in Igboland is currently a symbol of authority, culture and tradition. Historically, some writers suggest it was introduced by the British during the colonial era, the red cap was given to chief wardens who were put in power during British colonial rule, this was a way to enforce rules since many Igbo clans didn’t have kings. However this is disputed by others who claim the felt red caps are a modern adaptation of historic caps made from palm tree fronds.

redcap historic

Okpu – likely made with palm fronds similar to the ones that farmers used to wear.


red cap

Red caps appear at 0:25


Igbo red cap variants

The golden graphical symbols displayed in the background as Kendrick walks through the room are heavily reminiscent of the Igbo/Ekpe Ukara cloth.

ukara kendrick

Appears @3:01 in the All the Stars music video starring Kendrick Lamar and Sza.

Image result for ukara cloth

Ekpe Ukara Cloth

Related image

Ekpe men wearing Ukara cloth

The Ekpe (leopard) society was a secret society present in southeastern Nigeria and western Cameroon among the Igbo, Efik, Oron and neighbours.  The group also wrote using a pictographic writing script called the Nsibidi. This is often featured on many Ukara cloth patterns.

Related image

Symbols from the Nsibidi script

The Ekpe society would use ritual propitiation of forest spirits to ensure the well-being of the community and enforce laws.

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LEARN IGBO – What to eat – Basic dialogue #6

Gini ka anyi ga eri?


Deciding what to eat in Igbo

Basic dialogue between Chidera and her mother Amara.


Nne, gini ka anyị ga-eri n’abalị taa? Mum, what will we eat tonight?
Amara (Mother):

 Nwa m, anyị ga-eri  akara. My child, we will eat akara.

Mana, achoghi m akara. But, I don’t want akara.
Amara (Mother):

Ginikwanụ ka ị chọrọ iri? What (then)do you want to eat?

Achọrọ m iri utara. I want to eat utara.
Amara (Mother):

Ngwanu, a ga m esi utara. Ok then, I will cook utara

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FACT FILES: Arochukwu + the Aro Confederacy (Igbo History)

Okwu ID provide a crash course in Igbo history starting with a look at Arochukwu and the Aro Confederacy

So, What exactly is Arochukwu and what was the Aro confederacy?
Arochukwu and the Aro Confederacy

Arochukwu is a town situated in modern-day Abia State, an Igbo state located in south-eastern Nigeria. The town is positioned close to the waters of the bight of Biafra and the country Cameroon.
Arochukwu is an important historic town in Igboland, it is the home of the Aro people, an Igbo subgroup that dominated south-eastern Nigeria throughout the 18th and 19th century.

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