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Bobrisky vs Okwu ID


Gossip Nigeria and many other online blogging streams have reported the response of the Snapchat personality Bobrisky (Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju) who was briefly mentioned in episode 3 of OkwuID discussion on colourism.gosspip

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

In the snapchat rant Bobrisky proceeded in making homophobic comments directed at one of the OkwuID cast members. He also attacked another cast member who made no adverse comments directly towards the skin bleaching advocate.

OkwuID is a UK based platform where we as Nigerians exercise our right to discuss issues that we deem important. With reports suggesting that close to 80% of Nigerian women bleach using cancer-causing agents that can damage organs and can negatively affect foetal development, we wholeheartedly condemn the use of skin bleaching and skin bleaching advocacy/promotion.
We also condemn the homophobic remarks made by Bobrisky.

As youth of the Nigerian diaspora, we recognise the negative connotations that many western media outlets have historically and currently given black skin. It is essential for the African psyche to move past the colonial dogma that “lighter is better”. We realise that personalities like Bobrisky use bleaching promotion as a means to gain wealth, however this often comes with a lack of regard for those (particularly young women) that may be influenced by him.
We understand that there are many other notable Nigerians who bleach and we extend our condemnation to their bleaching promotion too.
Ultimately, part of OkwuID’s aim is to build the self-esteem of particularly young Nigerians. We want to encourage our people to see the beauty in their black skin and to truly learn to love, nurture and appreciate it the way it is.

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