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  • LEARN IGBO – Basic commands – #7

    We will be updating this page soon! Expressing basic commands in Igbo   IGBO ENGLISH   Nyé m ākā gi. Give me your hand             Gwà m áhà (/áfà) gí. Tell me your name             Gbá yā nkịtị. Pay him/her no attention (Ignore him/her)  …

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  • LEARN IGBO – What to eat – Basic dialogue #6

    We will be updating this page soon! Gini ka anyi ga eri? Deciding what to eat in Igbo Basic dialogue between Chidera and her mother Amara. Chidera:       Nne, gini ka anyị ga-eri n’abalị taa? Mum, what will we eat tonight? Amara (Mother):        Nwa m, anyị ga-eri  akara. My child,…

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  • LEARN IGBO: Greetings #5

    We will be updating this page soon! Tips for learning: Listen to the audio Listen to the audio again whilst following the Igbo text Once you think you’ve grasped the script, read the Igbo text aloud Interpret the text with the translation and keywords DAILY ROUTINE Ụtụtụ ọma Good morning I bọọla chi Good morning…

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