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Cast: Oluchi in No Poetry (Short Film)

Oluchi (who starred in Nwanyi Oma) Features in the short film No Poetry. An Allegory. Jermaine Wong’s inspired Spoken Word Short Film tells the story of an unfaithful Bride and a heartbroken Groom as they come to grips with their sad situation. Compelling and deeply poetic No Poetry uses these turbulent characters to personify the relationship between Christ and the Church.



Cast: Chizi (Agbogho Chizitalu) x AFROPUNK


By Aliyah Blackmore*, AFROPUNK Contributor

Chiizii is a visual artist and textile designer born and currently based in London, raised in New York with an eastern Nigerian Igbo background; her work is a reflection of her varied surroundings and experiences, a powerful relationship with color and pattern, traditional and modern technique, with a special emphasis on culture –her own culture as well as the many that she has a connection with.
Art is a means through which she expresses social commentary, thoughts, and creates a space to learn about herself and others, as explored in her graduate collection “Agbogho Chizitalu;” the vibrant and layered collection is an ode to heritage, particularly masquerades of Igbo culture, unraveled through a series of textile garments, artwork, jewelry and a soundtrack.
Get in to her work and hear more about her graduate collection, “Agbogho Chizitalu” in our interview below!

Full Article Here: http://afropunk.com/2017/09/designer-chiizii….

Website | Instagram: @Chiizii and @adankoli.brand | Soundcloud | Youtube

OkwuID: Nwanyi Oma

OkwuID presents: Ndi Igbo amaka poetry #1

SUBS CORRECTION: Anyanwu – instead of – Anwu

Nwanyi agbobia mara mma nke ukwu ka m bu
I am a beautiful young woman

Anyanwu ututu ‘cha, m’bilite na ura
As the sun rises, I wake up

M’lee anya n’enyo, so mma so mma
I look at my reflection, it’s such a beautiful sight (literally: so beautiful, so beautiful)

Ihu’m nine bu mma
My whole face is beautiful

Ahu’m nine bu mma
My whole body is beautiful

Okwu’m kwuru ekwu di mma
The words I speak are beautiful

Ije’m jere eje di mma
The way I move is beautiful

Ochi’m chira-chi di mma
My laugh is beautiful

Mgbe obula m kwuru okwu, ndi mmadu na ege’m nti
Whenever I speak, people listen to me

Makana ihe m n‘eme di mma
Because what I do is beautiful