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  • How to learn Igbo FAST!

    How to learn Igbo FAST!

    We’re so glad you’ve taken the time to start learning Igbo! A few things to remember on your Igbo learning journey: Once you get the hang of it, learning Igbo will give you a better understanding of Igbo expression, humour and culture. As a tonal language, it’s essential to get the tone as accurate as…

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  • LEARN IGBO: Greetings #5

    We will be updating this page soon! Tips for learning: Listen to the audio Listen to the audio again whilst following the Igbo text Once you think you’ve grasped the script, read the Igbo text aloud Interpret the text with the translation and keywords DAILY ROUTINE Ụtụtụ ọma Good morning I bọọla chi Good morning…

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