Eastern (Igbo) Music Genres

In this series we take a look varying styles of Eastern Nigerian (Igbo) music.

Egwu Ekpili

A brief history on the beautiful genre of Egwu Ekpili from Anambra State.

Inspired by @naija4lyfe Twitter thread

Egwu Ogene

Join us for another Eastern Musical Friday! Last week we explored Egwu Ekpili from Anambra State. Today, we’re looking at the electric genre of Egwu Ogene from Enugu State.

Igbo Drill

We’re back with another Eastern Musical Friday! Today we’re exploring Igbo Drill, a genre which is quite new to Alaigbo but is getting a lot of attention from our Igbo rappers! Though not indigenous to Igbo culture, our rappers have really adapted the genre to our culture and lanugage ! In the last slide, we’ve created an Igbo drill playlist for y’all to bop to 💃🏾

Eastern Alte

we are exploring the new wave of Alte music amongst our Igbo artists. Many of our indigenous artists are using this growing subgenre to reinvent native sounds such as the @the.cavementhrough the incorporation of Jazz, Indie music and R&B.

In the last slide, we’ve decided to be your Alte plug by providing an elite Altè playlist featuring some amazing Igbo artists.


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