Support Us


Many of our viewers have suggested we start a separate donation page for the project. Currently, the funding for Okwu ID is derived from the founding members. We all work/study full time and have spent thousands on the project expenses, this ranges from; equipment, hiring venues, digital costs (website and online services), free merchandise, events (venues, food, cleaning, rentals, rehearsals) … etc.

We are/were fully aware of the responsibilities that running an organisation like this entails and we do so with great joy and pride. Every day we are overwhelmed and truly grateful for all the support given to the Okwu ID project. Whether you choose to donate or not we sincerely thank you for supporting, watching, commenting…etc.

The Okwu ID team will continue to do our best to help the progression of the Igbo people, culture and language.

Feel free to donate ANY amount, all is appreciated.

Umunne m daalu nke ukwu,  jisike o!

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