Okwu Ndi Igbo na Ala Beke (Igbo Diaspora Media)

OkwuFest Sponsors

Okwu ID is looking for both financial and in-kind sponsors for this years OkwuFest. This year we’re offering our partners:

1) Access to our audience for targeted social media promo

  • Twitter: 9600+
  • Instagram: 10.2K +
  • TikTok: 26K +
  • YouTube: 7.5K+ (average views 1000+ per video)
  • Email: over 200 (average open rate of 40 – 60%)

2) Sponsor branding/logo placement at the event

3) Sponsor branding/logo placement within post event content (videos, photos etc)

4) Sponsor shoutouts during the event

5) Sponsor products featured at the event

If you’d like to be a sponsor at this year’s OkwuFest, get in touch below.

Please state your offer and request.

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