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OkwuFest Sponsors

We’re a non-profit organisation, and raising funds has always been challenging. This year we’re thrilled and extremely grateful to announce that the following companies have very kindly sponsored OkwuFest.

  • Mazi Exhibit
  • Kaoshi Netword
  • Afrimalt and
  • The Igbo Vegan Cookbook

Mazi Exhibit 

For any artists looking to host their art digitally, Mazi Exhibit is the first Igbo NFT platform where users can buy and sell Igbo-related art in the digital space. Follow the start ups journey here:


Anyone who has ever tried to use an app to transfer £/$ to ₦ for a Nigerian account knows it can be a challenge. Kaoshi is a fantastic platform that lets you do it with ease. It’s African-owned, so whenever you send money home, try Kaoshi.


If you love malt drinks, you’ll adore Afrimalt! Served cold, it goes perfectly with any meal. Forget other malt drinks like you know who 👀. Upgrade to Afrimalt. 

The Igbo Vegan Cookbook (Nena Ubani) 

We’re so grateful to have vegan Nigerian food provided by Nena Ubani! If you’re a vegan or looking to go vegan, check out the cookbook.

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