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Does Juju only effect Africans?


  1. a charm or fetish, especially of a type used by some West African peoples.
    • supernatural power attributed to a charm or fetish.
      “juju and witchcraft”
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P. Mmerife: “Reasons why Nigerian Graduates are Unemployable”

via Reasons why Nigerian Graduates are Unemployable

Article by Prince Rutherford Mmerife

Reasons why Nigerian Graduates are Unemployable

Every employer has a set of goals he intends to achieve and every job sector has a job content as well as a professional capacity to sustain it in the highly competitive global clime. This is the reason why professionals are always making the input of fresh ideas and innovation into their industry.

Sadly and Incidentally, the people that should be employed are often not fit to be absorbed directly into the industries that relate to their supposed field of study.

The following factors are the reasons our graduates are not expressly employable.


This is particularly true because many of our mainstream educational facilities still use educational curriculums that are primordial and primeval or simply inadequate to infuse current professional trends into the students.

Times are changing and innovation, as well as professionalism and demand of industries, is expanding and advancing. Incidentally, lecture materials and lecture partners still remain the way they have been since the colonial masters left.

I remember my days in university, our lecturers, especially the Professors, would come to lecture us with notes and textbooks that have browned with age. They would boast about how they have used these notes as undergraduates and in their early years as lecturers, and are still maintaining them. Unfortunately, these materials were used in lecturing undergraduates in those days when the industry was still in the birth stage.

Sadly, even the current textbooks and lecture materials we have, are either not suitable for the course in question, or not well tailored to suit the present times.

Our courses are not updated to have a professional scent. The challenges of the outside world are not brought into the classrooms.


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Lagos Comic Con – 7th Edition


Last week marked the 7th edition of Lagos Comic Con. The event featured both African and international comics, games, animations films, and books. (As well as countless Black Panther Cosplays).

indexFor many of us in the diaspora, this may be the first time hearing of a Nigerian based Comic convention. Events like the Lagos Comic Con gives African creatives an opportunity to showcase their talent and work. It also serves to inspire and connect like-minded people.

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Thinking of traveling to Nigeria this season? Perhaps you want to visit relatives back home, reconnect with your heritage or find out what the country has to offer. Why not take a detour into the jewel of the South East? Popularly known as the Coal City or 042 (the area code), Enugu boasts of a combination of small-town charm and big-city class. And it’s got something for everyone!

Here are the top five things to do when in Enugu:


History buffs will enjoy exploring Enugu’s rich heritage, art and civil war memorabilia at the National Museum of Unity, Abakaliki Road. Alternatively check out the new Centre for Memories at Independence Layout for book readings, films shows and other activities touching on Igbo history and culture.


Photos 1 Photo 2


Enugu is home to some of the most amazing nature spots in Nigeria. Hill climbing is very popular; be sure to visit Milliken Hills for an exhilarating hike. If you’re more aquatically inclined, check out all the different lakes from the evergreen Nike Lake with its own five-star resort, to Ani Ozalla Lake where the crocodiles are regarded as goddesses. Remember to bring along a sacrifice for them! (Biko ! It’s a JOKE o) 😊


Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 

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