OKWU Discussion Rules

1. Allow the chair/host to control the conversation. We want  to give all attendants an oportunity to speak and to avoid people speaking over each other.


2. This is a PC FREE zone!!! We want to encourage our people to express themselves and to use the language they know how to use.



3. Respect! It’s almost guaranteed you’ll come across someone with a different demeanour, speaking ability and thinking. You’ll get the most out of the experience if you come to listen, learn and have fun.


4. Be yourself! One of the stereotypes that follow Nigerians as a whole is that we like to “show off”.  It’ll be much more fulfilling if you drop your work voice (if it’s different from your normal voice) and be genuine, however that may be.

5. The views of the panellists do not necessarily represent the views of Okwu ID. Okwu ID takes no responsibility for anything offensive said during discussions.