Odumodu Blvck Faces Backlash Over Controversial Song Title ‘Mc Oluomo’

Controversial Song Title

Nigerian musician and rapper Odumodu Blvck recently found himself in hot water due to the title of his new track, ‘Mc Oluomo.’ This sparked outrage, particularly among Igbos on the X platform.

Political Context

The uproar stemmed from the association with ‘Mc Oluomo,’ a figure accused of denying Igbos their voting rights in the 2023 general elections. This controversial background heightened the sensitivity surrounding the song’s title.

Artist’s Response

In response to the criticism, Odumodu Blvck defended his song’s title in a fiery tweet, labelling his critics as “big fools” and “stupid.” This response further escalated the conflict.

Tribalism Concerns

Odumodu Blvck also addressed concerns about tribalism, highlighting that he faced insults from both Yoruba and Igbo people in different scenarios. This underscored the broader issue of ethnic tensions in Nigeria.

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