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Exciting Online Resources for Learning about Igbo Culture

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If you’re eager to learn more about Igbo culture, many online resources are available to you! Whether you’re interested in the language, history, art, music, or cuisine of the Igbo people, there are plenty of exciting avenues to explore. Here are just a few resources that we recommend:

Ukpuru – This is a Tumblr blog that focuses on showcasing the beauty and richness of Igbo culture. The blog features photos, videos, and articles related to Igbo art, music, dance, and more.

Odenigbo – This is a website that aims to promote Igbo language and culture through various media, including music, videos, and podcasts. The site features original content created by Igbo people from around the world.

The Igbo Conference – This is a YouTube channel that features recordings of presentations from the annual Igbo Conference, which brings together scholars, researchers, and community members to discuss various aspects of Igbo culture, history, and language.

Re-entanglements – This is a research project that explores the entangled histories of Africa and Europe through the lens of material culture. The website features blog posts, photos, and videos related to the project’s research, including a focus on the Igbo-Ukwu archaeological site in Nigeria.

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