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What is the Nigerian High Commission London, where is it and what can you do there?

What is a High Commission, and what’s the difference between a country a High Commission and an Embassy?

The Nigerian High Commission in London is located at: 9 Northumberland Avenue, WC2N 5BX and is responsible for representing Nigeria in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Unlike an embassy, which represents the interests of a sovereign state, a high commission represents the interests of one Commonwealth country to another. As a former British Colonial country and Commonwealth nation Nigeria has a High Commission in London, United Kingdom. There are also Nigerian High Commissions in Canada and Australia, while there are embassies in countries like the USA and others.

Visitors to the high commission can obtain visas, passports, and other diplomatic services. They can also access information about trade and investment opportunities in Nigeria alongside assistance with immigration, legal, and health issues.

How to get there?

The closest train station to the Nigerian High Commission is Charing Cross station, which is a 10-minute walk away. There are also several bus routes that stop near the building, including the 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 53, 87, 91, 139, 176, 341, 453. If you are coming by car, expect to pay high fees for parking. The closest parking space is Q-Park which costs £18 per hour as of Feb 2023:

Cockspur Street
City of Westminster

To find more parking spaces at the Nigerian High Commission visit:

We understand that arranging appointments with the High Commission in London can be stressful and we empathise with anyone who may be frustrated with their experience. Delays are common and are often due to high volumes of queries and administrative issues. To ensure a smooth and stress-free process, we highly recommend allowing ample time when making appointments with the High Commission. By doing so, you can be confident that you’ll have the necessary time to handle any unexpected delays that may occur.

Nigerian High Commission Passport Renewal

Wondering how you renew your Nigerian passport at the Nigerian High Commission? Here is a step-by-step guide detailing how to do so:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure that you meet the requirements for renewing your passport. This information can be found here.
  2. Gather Required Documents: You’ll need to provide several original and photocopied documents, such as your current passport (the last-issued version), a completed passport application form, and two passport-sized photographs. Check the High Commission’s website for a complete list of required documents.
  3. Book an Appointment: Contact the Nigerian High Commission to schedule an appointment to submit your passport renewal application. To start your application, visit here.
  4. Pay the Fees: You’ll need to pay the applicable passport renewal fee. This should be done in advance, typically during the appointment booking stage. (See below for details about prices).
  5. Attend Your Appointment: Once you have received your appointment date, you should arrive at the Nigerian High Commission on the day and time of your appointment, bringing all the required documents and fees.
  6. Submit Your Application: Submit your passport renewal application and all the required documents to the Nigerian High Commission.
  7. Wait for Processing: The processing time for passport renewals can vary, but you should receive your renewed passport within several weeks. The High Commission will provide further information on the expected processing time.
  8. Collect Your Passport: Once your passport has been processed and is ready, you’ll need to return to the Nigerian High Commission to collect it.

It is important to note that this process may vary based on the specific requirements. Be sure to check their website for the most up-to-date information and requirements.

How much does a passport renewal or first time issue cost?

Feb 2023.

For anyone 18 years old or above, at present, it costs circa $110 for a Nigerian standard 32-page passport. A passport with more pages will cost more. For those under 18, a standard passport costs circa $90. For up-to-date information, please visit: 

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