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FAQ: How to say Thank you, Sorry, Table etc in Igbo

How to say the following words/phrases in Igbo:

  1. Thank you – Daalu or Imeela 

2. How are you doing – Ked or Ked ka mere? Central dialect or Kedụ ka melụ? Northern dialect

3. Hello – Ndeèwo or Kedụ (how are things)

4. Sorry – Ndo

5. I love you – A hụrụ m g n’anya Central dialect or A fụrụ m g n’anya Northern dialect

6. Plantain: Ọ̀pịrìmā

7. Table: Okpokoro (also tebulu, tebul)

8. How much: Ego ole? or Ego one? 

9. Tomato: There is no Igbo word for Tomato. The fruit is not native to Nigeria, so it’s understandable why none of the three major ethnic groups has a word for it. 

In Yoruba it’s tomati, and Hausa it’s tumatir. In fact, the word tomato fit’s nicely into Igbo phonetics so there’s a need to change the spelling. 

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