20200316_211538_0000Postponing of the Big Igbo Munch

Dear Community,
We over at Okwu ID have been closely following the public health developments over the last few weeks and whilst we have been looking forward to bringing The Big Igbo Munch to all of you, public health must take priority. With the rapid development of the coronavirus, we feel it would not be appropriate to host a large gathering of people. We are also aware that the epidemic has caused many disruptions to people’s usual schedules, which may mean attendance is not possible.
Okwu ID wish for a rapid resolution to the public health crisis and we hope to still bring the community OkwuFest 2020 this summer.
Our plan is to incorporate many of the aspects of The Big Igbo Munch (challenges, food stalls etc) into this year’s OkwuFest for a bigger and better summer festival.
All those who keep their Big Igbo Munch tickets will be able to use them for entry into OkwuFest2020.
For all those with queries about the upcoming events, ticketing or returns. Please email us on
We apologise for any inconvenience. And we hope to see you all at OkwuFest 2020.
Please stay safe.
We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Jisie Ike
The Okwu ID Team


This April Okwu ID is hosting the Big Igbo Munch, an event to celebrate and enjoy Nigerian/Igbo food.

Come with an open mind and an empty belly! The day will feature stalls offering typical items of food and some with a twist, ever tried Nutella filled puff puff, vegan or salmon pies?

We’ll also be hosting challenges like puff puff speed eating and blindfold soup tasting (for the soup connoisseurs). And we can’t forget the traditional dishes like abacha and ose oji (don’t worry, Jollof must be there!)

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!

The Big Igbo Munch-

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