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Okpu Igbo: Traditional Igbo Hats (Male)

What are the traditional Igbo hats?


Name: Okpu agụ̄ “leopard hat” (a sign of bravery/warriors)

The okpu agụ̄ is the leopard hat, whilst sometimes the opku ozo is referred to okpu isi-agụ̄.

Name: Okpu ozo/obara obara “Red cap” (Chieftaincy hat)

Isi agụ̄ is cloth patterned with the face of a lion, traditionally it should only be worn by specific titled men (although nowadays it’s been ‘appropriated’ by all). Along with the isi-agụ̄ cloth, titled men typically wear a red ‘okpu ozo’ (chieftaincy red cap).

Note: Agụ̄ is term generally used for big several (wild) cats. In this case it refers to leopard. Click the link to read more more about Isi agụ̄.

Where to buy traditional Igbo hats?

To find an Igbo hat, try to visit your local African clothing retailer, or search online.

UK: Ebay or Amazon

USA: Ebay or Amazon

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