EVENT: Bia ! Talk + Chill for the 4th season of Okwu ID

EVENT: Talk + Chill for the 4th season of Okwu ID

okwu id - season 4 (3)


For season 4, we are opening up our debate recording sessions to young Igbos who’d like to join us.

They’ll be an opportunity to take part in the debate, challenges and engage with others.

  • -Tickets are free but extremely limited, please only select if you are free to come.
  • -Refreshments will be available.
  • – Only ticket holders will be permitted

Debate topics:


(Questions surrounding the relationship between the older and younger generation of Igbo people)

  • E.g. 1) Have the older generation negatively affected how you feel about the culture?

Youth issues:

(Questions surrounding how the next generation will navigate their identity and aspects of the culture they will keep/discard).

  • E.g 2) Ego: Has the prestige of academia created unhealthy attitudes towards certain career paths?
  • E.g 3) What would lead a young Igbo person from a 2 parent house hold into crime?

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