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5 Things To Do In Enugu


Thinking of traveling to Nigeria this season? Perhaps you want to visit relatives back home, reconnect with your heritage or find out what the country has to offer. Why not take a detour into the jewel of the South East? Popularly known as the Coal City or 042 (the area code), Enugu boasts of a combination of small-town charm and big-city class. And it’s got something for everyone!

Here are the top five things to do when in Enugu:


History buffs will enjoy exploring Enugu’s rich heritage, art and civil war memorabilia at the National Museum of Unity, Abakaliki Road. Alternatively check out the new Centre for Memories at Independence Layout for book readings, films shows and other activities touching on Igbo history and culture.


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Enugu is home to some of the most amazing nature spots in Nigeria. Hill climbing is very popular; be sure to visit Milliken Hills for an exhilarating hike. If you’re more aquatically inclined, check out all the different lakes from the evergreen Nike Lake with its own five-star resort, to Ani Ozalla Lake where the crocodiles are regarded as goddesses. Remember to bring along a sacrifice for them! (Biko ! It’s a JOKE o) 😊


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3. SHOP:

For our shopaholics, Enugu has several malls and retail outlets including Polo Park Mall (formerly an amusement park) the largest shopping complex in the East. Also on the list are Roban Stores, SPAR and the annual Trade Fair where goods are sold at killer discounts. For a more lively experience, visit Ogbete market to flex your bargaining skills and brush up your Igbo! Best time to go is Monday morning when traders open their latest deliveries (bales).


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4. EAT:

Foodies aren’t left out of this To-Do list. Enjoy a variety of continental, Asian and local cuisine at Roots Café and Restaurant, fine dining at very affordable prices. If you’re looking to sample local delicacies, ask around for the famous Mama Onyinye ‘buka’ and treat yourself to sumptuous native meals. For those in the mood for more exotic fare, Aaron’s Place and Best Western Hotel have upscale restaurants with delectable dishes and great ambiance.


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No party like an Enugu party! Fun seekers can find cheap drinks, great people and dancing all at Extreme Lounge, the hottest hangout in the metropolis. The city’s vibrant nightlife consists of trendy bars, nightclubs, highlife music, concerts, and karaoke. You can also find members of the burgeoning 042 literati gathering for book discussions or talking philosophy over cocktails in bars like The Base Lounge and Zeez. (Photo)


Writer: Ijeoma Ossi (Enugu) - Contact: @Ijeoma_ossi (Instagram).




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