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LEARN IGBO – What to eat – Basic dialogue #6

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Gini ka anyi ga eri?

Deciding what to eat in Igbo

Basic dialogue between Chidera and her mother Amara.

Nne, gini ka anyị ga-eri n’abalị taa? Mum, what will we eat tonight?
Amara (Mother):
 Nwa m, anyị ga-eri  akara. My child, we will eat akara.
Mana, achoghi m akara. But, I don’t want akara.
Amara (Mother):
Ginikwanụ ka ị chọrọ iri? What (then)do you want to eat?
Achọrọ m iri utara. I want to eat utara.
Amara (Mother):
Ngwanu, a ga m esi utara. Ok then, I will cook utara

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Nne Mother
Gini What
anyị we
ga-eri to eat
n’abalị taa tonight
Nwa m my child
Akara akara – type of food (fried bean fritta)
Mana but
achoghi m I don’t want
Ginikwanụ what then
ị chọrọ you want
A chọrọ m I want
Iri to eat
Utara Utara – type of food  (boiled flour paste/dough)
Ngwanụ ok then
A ga m I will
Esi to cook

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