Online Igbo language, history and culture course

Okwu ID


This year Okwu ID are launching a pilot Online Igbo language, history and culture course.

The course is aimed at those with limited availability who want to either learn Igbo or improve their Igbo language skills. The course will also give the student an opportunity to broaden their knowledge on Igbo history and concepts of Igbo culture.


Course outline: The draft course currently includes:

  • Igbo history/cultural lessons – live-streamed (ability to ask questions) and download
  • Igbo language lessons – live streamed and downloadable
  • Work book content – Online/Printable
  • Weekly call sessions with teacher
  • Exam

We aim to truly help each individual meet their learning targets. Before commencing the course, each student will outline their current ability and create an end of course goal.

There are limited spaces available.

If you are interested respond to this post with an email to (okwuid@outlook.com)  we will then send you questions that will help us find out how to cater the course to suit your aims and level.

There are only 10 (5 remaining) spaces available for this pilot, first come first serve.

Draft price: £100

 Draft duration: 6 weeks

(These may be subject to slight modifications).

The course is open to all ages and locations (so long as you have an adequate internet connection).

For any questions or to enrol onto the course email:


Note: Free Igbo language aids on the website will be continually added to: https://okwu.co/learmigboonline/


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