LEARN IGBO: Daily Routine #5


Tips for learning:

Sụọ Igbo

  1. Listen to the audio
  2. Listen to the audio again whilst following the Igbo text
  3. Once you think you’ve grasped the script, read the Igbo text aloud
  4. Interpret the text with the translation and keywords





Ụtụtụ ọma Good morning
Ibolachi Good morning
Ehihe ọma Good afternoon
Mgbede ọma Good evening
Abali ọma Good night
Ka chi fo Bye
Kọ di Bye
Kọ di echi Till tomorrow





Ọlịaa Hello
Ibiago Welcome
Nnọọ Welcome




Kedu k’i mere (Kedu ka i mere)

Also (kedu k’i di)

How are you?
A di mma I’m fine
Ọdi mma It’s fine
Obi di m ụtọ i hu gi It’s nice to meet you
A hu be hu m gi ọtụtụ oge Long-time no see




Ịmeela Thank you
Daalụ Thank you
Ndo Sorry
Mba No
Ee/Oo Yes
Biko Please
Jis ike keep it up/stay well
Ngwanu OK




Ị aghotara ihe m kwuru? Did you understand what I said?
Mba, aghotaghi m (ihe i kwuru) No I don’t understand wat you said
Ee, aghotara m (ihe i kwuru) Yes I understood what you said
Nyere m aka! Help me!

Paschal, imeela nke ukwu!

More content to be added soon. If there are any questions or issues see contact.

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